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Parent Resources

In this section you will find essential information for parents and families about school-level data and key indicators measuring the quality and progress of our schools, the role and resources found in LAUSD Parent & Family Centers and the many enrollment choices available to your child. You will also find information about the rights and responsibilities of parents to be active participants in their child’s education.

The Family Module online tool acts as a window into the daily life of your child. Log on any time to monitor your child’s progress at school. You can access their attendance and grades. The Family Module allows parents to quickly identify and solve problems that might affect their child’s success.

  • Parent & Family Centers

  • Parent Engagement Research

  • Special Education

  • Gifted and Talented Programs

    • Gifted/Talented Parent Newsletter, September 2013 – English / Spanish

    • Gifted/Talented Parent Newsletter, April 2013 – English / Spanish

    • GATE/SAS Parent Conference – English / Spanish

  • Preparing for College and Careers – English / Spanish

  • Healthy Relationships – English / Spanish / Poster

  • Academic Growth over Time (AGT) Tool

  • Choices Program

    • Choices Timeline

    • Choices Flyer- English/Spanish

No Child Left Behind

  • No Child Left Behind: A Parent’s Guide

  • Que Ningún Niño Se Quede Atrás: Una guía para los padres

  • NCLB Public School Choice

  • NCLB PSC and SES Programs

  • Common Core Standards

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